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9/11 Truth — The Path To Peace

The Chico 9/11 Truth group is a local, not-for-profit, grassroots organization for the Chico, CA area. Until they form their own groups, this would include the greater tri-city area of Chico, Paradise and Oroville, as well as, Durham, Cohassett and other local outlying areas.

We are part of the national (and international) 9/11 Truth and Justice Movement, which is a rapidly-growing Peace and Social Justice grassroots movement that seems to be nearing "critical mass", at which point it will no longer be a grassroots movement, but be considered a commonplace part of our society and culture. This will be signaled by certain actions and events, such as daily reporting in national and local television news reports and newspapers and magazines. And, eventually, Congressional hearings and investigations. (much like what occurred with the Watergate and Iran-Contra scandals, among other so-called "conspiracy theories" — that were eventually proved to be conspiracy fact after real investigations)

Right now, about the only place you will read or hear about 9/11 Truth is on the Internet, through the very large number of websites available (see our links), through the increasing number of documentaries and books that are being published, through documentary and author book tours and presentations, and through local groups like ours. And even the documentaries are mostly only being shown on the Internet and through local group meetings and national conventions and symposiums. And through direct order by individuals (like you) who are playing them for themselves and others. To inform, educate and make aware.

Like all grassroots movements, "Word of Mouth" advertising is the primary means of getting the word out to the people. This is accomplished through all of the methods mentioned above. And through people talking to their family members, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, school classmates, and people they meet on the street.

Our general contention is that all of the unfortunate events post-9/11, such as the so-called "Patriot Act", the Military Commissions Act, the abridging and abrogation of our freedoms and civil liberties, the war actions in Afghanistan, and especially Iraq, and more, all stem from the fallacious nature of 9/11, and are therefore based on a false house of cards that can be made to tumble by the simple implementation of a new, real investigation into 9/11. This investigation would no doubt show that 9/11 was a False Flag Operation (which is, unfortunately, more of an historical norm than an aberration), designed and implemented by rogue elements inside and outside of the U.S. Government, as a pretext for all of the ensuing actions taken by our government against the American people and people of other countries.

As stated on our homepage, our Mission Statement is as follows:

Raise public awareness of the disturbing, unanswered questions surrounding the Sep. 11, 2001 attacks and advocate for a truly independent investigation of the attacks.

Individually, we can make a difference.
Collectively we can change the world.
Demand Truth and Justice!

Spread the word!

For more information about what the 9/11 Truth Movement is about, click here.


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