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Senior Military, Intelligence, and Government
Officials Question 9/11 Commission Report

Many respected senior members of the U.S. military, intelligence services, and government have expressed significant criticism of the 9/11 Commission Report. Some even allege government complicity in the terrible acts of 9/11. This document contains the highly revealing statements on this vital topic of over 50 prominent public servants.

The collective voices of these respected senior officials give credibility to the claim that the 9/11 Commission Report is tragically flawed. These dedicated individuals from both political parties cannot be simply dismissed as irresponsible believers in some 9/11 conspiracy theory. Their sincere concern, backed by decades of service to their country, demonstrate that criticism of the 9/11 Commission Report is not only reasonable and responsible, it is in fact a patriotic duty.

Bob Bowman Speaking Tour E-mail Information

Information about Dr. Bob Bowman's 2007 Speaking Tour from an e-mail press release. His new website is www.ThePatriots.US.


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