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WTC Building 7

Too many people, to this day, do not know that World Trade Center Building 7 (WTC 7, a.k.a. The Soloman Building) also 'collapsed' on Sep. 11, 2001 at 5:20 p.m. in what can only be desribed as an obvious controlled demolition.

This 47-story building (which would be the tallest building in 33 states) was only the third steel-framed building, before or after 9/11, to have supposedly collapsed only or primarily due to fire. (according to the "official story" — the other two buildings were the Twin Towers earlier in the day)

It was not hit by an airplane, suffered some minor damage at ground level on one side from the collapse of the Twin Towers, and had what can only be described as scattered, small fires on several floors. And, yet, it collapsed later in the day in a perfect implosion, straight down, corner to corner, into its own footprint and basement. Which is one of the characteristics of purposeful controlled demolition. (note that some other buildings in the area sustained what looked like greater damage than Building 7, including some that were directly under the Twin Towers that sustained massive damage, none of which collapsed)

Another characteristic of CD is the "kink" at the top left where one of the major column sections was blown out to cause the building to collapse into itself. And, although there is some evidence of explosive squibs blowing out of the windows, like the Twin Towers, it was not a standard controlled demolition, but a super-controlled demolition, in an attempt to make it not look exactly like images of other known controlled demolitions. Note that it takes weeks for highly qualified structural engineers that specialize in controlled demolitions of large buildings to design and install the explosives for a controlled demolition, so it had to be pre-planned long in advance.

The building also fell at near-freefall speed, in about 6 seconds, which is impossible without some external forces acting upon it. (such as explosives and thermate cutting charges) For it to act otherwise violates scientific principles such as the conservation of energy and momentum, among other laws of physics.

WTC 7 was an obvious purposeful controlled demolition
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